Pieces of Eternity Lyrics!!!

For those folks wanting to check out lyrics for the album, wanted to post them here for now – will integrate them into the site a lot better as I get a chance to!!

“First Blood” (C.Szkup)

What is it like up there, can you tell me?
The tops of people’s heads, is all that you must see
I’m here to remind you, you’re less than you believe
And even less again, is how you are perceived

Generally….continuing to snipe at me

Little did you ever know
First blood would go to me!

Deductor, deconstructor, architect of pain
Inflicting sadness, suffering is your aim
Your deception causing misconception – stumping me
But in this case the underdog tastes victory

You will see……you’ll never own the strings of me

Little did you ever know
First blood would go to me!
Because I still am complete
And stronger than you’ll ever be!

(SOLOS – Skube, Chris)

I’m on my way to the top today
Can’t send me on another way
Little did you ever know
That further than you I would go

Little did you ever know
First blood would go to me!
Because I still am complete
And stronger than you’ll ever be!

(SOLOS – Skube, Chris)

(I Can’t) Start Again (C.Szkup)

I try, and I try
I can’t do it, I don’t know why
How long, will this last?
What happened to “All Things Must Pass”?

New start, I seek
But this niggling makes me weak
Plateau, for me
Now “I Want to Break Free”

Nothing I want more but I can’t start again
I can see clearly but the past I can’t forget
Like the sad clown wishing he need not pretend
I can’t start again

I “Play, the game”
Not to let them in – the aim
Put on, my mask
Rehearsing of the script my task

Show time, I start
Another crack inside my heart
Too much, for me
Show must and does go on – barely

Nothing I want more but I can’t start again
I can see clearly but the past I can’t forget
Like the sad clown wishing he need not pretend
I can’t start again


(Wish that I could)

Nothing I want more but I can’t start again
I can see clearly but the past I can’t forget
Like the sad clown wishing he need not pretend
I can’t start again

(Can reach the end, but I can’t reach the start
I try, I try but it always falls apart)

Soundtrack (C.Szkup)

We wake up every day
You obviously love the way
I fake laugh at each thing you say
Over exaggerate
Cheesy voice, verbal masturbate
Every point I over inflate

When it comes to music I will tell you what we do
Bow to big business when they pump currency through

Veteran acts, from yesteryear
Forget their talent in this stale atmosphere
Heart and soul, sticks out a mile
Like the jewelery misplaced in the compost pile

Like clockwork every day
Same mediocure thing we play
Tapping your feet in the same way
Over it’s end I speak
List irrelevence of the week
With the excuse it’s tongue in cheek

Envious of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day
I do the same thing for a fraction of the pay

No longer the, guitar is played
We average .01 solos in a day
Harmony, the processed kind
Such inspiration from such beautiful minds

(Don’t you know)
I got a pro tools rig today with
Vocal sustain I’ll blow you away
The pitching and prowess that’s on display

(Backdoor show)
I’d pull my jeans up past my knees
But the world must wanna see
My plumbers (crack) and the brand of my undies

Killer of the game
Disciple of the mundane
Ruiner of the name
Another hack, miming to the soundtrack

Taker of the prize
With efforts half the size
Tabloids got your back
Another hack, miming to the soundtrack
So set me free, with a melody

October 22 (C.Szkup)

Long ago I had a dream
Impossible it did not seem
Was so young and I had, ambitions and
Anything desired I could be

Line of thought gets lost somewhere
Attitudes change amongst despair
And before I knew, what I should do
My dreams vanished into thin air

There are many paths around us
If we’re looking for a turn to make
No one every got hopes and dreams on a plate
Meet life’s instructor, AKA mistakes

Then one fine summers day
Successfully in dismay
Was shown something where, I’d previously been
Attitude heads the other way

No doing it if you don’t try
New mission statement had by I
Don’t look back to where, you did not care
Once again aiming for the sky

There are many paths around us
If we’re looking for a turn to make
No one every got hopes and dreams on a plate
Meet life’s instructor, AKA mistakes

Now I’ve finally got somewhere
The risk I took well it got me there
And I say to you, keep your feelings true
Stay positive you will get there

There are many paths around us
If we’re looking for a turn to make
No one every got hopes and dreams on a plate
Meet life’s instructor, AKA mistakes

To A Scream (C.Szkup)

Most of my senses for the body of my life
Could everything but say
Cacophony of thought invaded my brain
But that was yesterday

Ready to untangle this randomness
Ready to guide thought on it’s way
Have so much that I wanna tell
So many things to say

Watch me develop this, whisper to a scream
Watch me strengthen this, whisper to a scream

Now a message to all those that stood on me
Let the rematch begin
Only one thing is certain
You will lose and I will win

Watch me develop this, whisper to a scream
Watch me strengthen this, whisper to a scream

I’m flying, can’t cut me down
I’ll turn, negative around

Attempting the impossible getting in my way
If you know whats good for you, far away you’ll stay
Amount of the might I bear double yesterday
Reversal of fortune, I am here to stay

I’m flying, I know what I need
I’m ready, to succeed

Attempting the impossible getting in my way
If you know whats good for you, far away you’ll stay
Amount of the might I bear double yesterday
Reversal of fortune, I am here to stay

Watch me develop this whisper to a scream, c’mon!
Watch me strengthen this whisper to a scream, c’mon!
Not a single qualm in taking you on, c’mon!
Listen to me cause I’ll show you that you’re wrong, c’mon!

(SOLOS – Skube, Chris, Skube, Chris)

Watch me develop this, whisper to a scream
Watch me strengthen this, whisper to a scream

Lost Soul (C.Szkup / C.Reid)

My soul is lost on foreign sand
Needs to be lent a helping hand
So many obstacles in the way (of the)
Rebuilding of all this decay

My soul is lost at sea
Only you can rescue me
Seeking the journey back home
But cannot face it alone

The day so dark, the night shines bright
Nothing I assume is ever right
At the end of the day, you’re so far away
You’re the only cure for my decay

My heart it lingers with my soul
The two abducted as a whole
The one desire I foresee
Like all my dreams it cannot be

The day so dark, the night shines bright
Nothing I assume is ever right
At the end of the day, you’re so far away
You’re the only cure for my decay


The day so dark, the night shines bright
Nothing I assume is ever right
At the end of the day, you’re so far away
You’re the only cure for my decay

Further away, lost my soul remains

Innate Self Destruct (C.Szkup / C.Reid)

(Oh yeah)

Unfragile I’m stronger than all
My hand the one that makes you fall, oh yeah
Hundred percent against the grain
I am the sole composer of your pain

An instinct that you know well
Misery all I sell

I’ll give a new life with much more
Desire for death you can’t ignore
Don’t close you eyes, don’t close your mind
Look deep within what can you find, oh yeah

An instinct that you know well
Misery all I sell

Between failures I lead you
No prevention you can use
Your life I gradually deduct
I am innate self destruct

I’m nothing good, I’m all things bad
My pleasure is to make you sad, oh yeah
I break you then come back for more
Won’t stop until your body’s sore, oh yeah

An instinct that you know well
Misery all I sell

Between failures I lead you
No prevention you can use
Your life I gradually deduct
I am innate self destruct

I’m nothing good, I’m all things bad, Innate
My pleasure is to make you sad, Innate
I break you then come back for more, Innate
I won’t stop until your body’s sore, Innate

Unfragile I’m stronger than all, Innate
My hand the one that makes you fall, Innate
Hundred percent against the grain I am, Innate
I am the sole composer of your pain, Innate


(Ya think I’m jokin’ dont ya!)

Pieces of Eternity reviewed by Rob Smith!!!

Rob was kind enough to have this in my inbox the DAY he got the CD!!! For a dude as busy on musak as El Robbo, that’s mightily appreciated by me I gotta say!! Much thanks brother!!!!!!!!!! :D

This was also posted on the GONE WILD and friends Facebook page!!


Reviewed by Rob Smith (GONE WILD)

I recieved a copy of Chris Szkup’s new solo album (“Pieces Of Eternity”) in the mail today, on opening the package I was immediately struck with how great the artwork for this album is, a terrific job done there by Dan Verkys.

I found the album captivating and very interesting, almost like listening to 3 albums in one, with a range of different styles throughout the album.

Tracks 1, 6, 8, & 10 could be from one album, tracks 3, 4, 5, & 9 from another, and tracks 2 & 7 from yet another, but with Chris’s voice carrying most tracks, I found the mix of tracks to be very intriguing indeed.

This album shows just how versatile Chris Szkup is, as both a musical writer and a musician, his unique singing style blends perfectly with his different musical styles, and his musicianship on guitar/bass and piano/keys is first class.

A great job done by Stew Long with the mixing and production of this allbum @ Red Planet Studios.

1. Magical Occurence:
I was surprised when the Keyboards kicked in on this opening track, as somehow I had gotten it into my head that it would be a guitar opener, but I like surprises, and this opening mood peice has shades of Alan Parsons going on which I dig. Ian Bairnson styles on the guitar and the gong finish is great.

2. First Blood:
Ah! this is what I had in mind for the opener, but anyone who at first listen thought this was going to be a laid back album gets their answer right here! I have to say this is my favourite track on the album, great arrangement, great guitar. I dig it when Chris is in this mode, hot!!!

3. (I Can’t) Start Again:
This is where we skip albums, and jump into a different style completely to the last track, a solid uptempo rock track, almost Iggy Pop styles going on here for me!

4. Soundtrack:
This track runs along nicely with the last one, though a slightly lighter track. Sounds a bit like Richard Anderson on lead vocals ha! A nice big fat guitar sound on this one! with tasty licks!

5. October 22:
This track also follows the last two well, a cool quirky foot tapping song!
Chris’s vocals remind me a little bit in places of Tom Petty on this one! cool like it!

6. Transition:
Ok, the mood deepens and slows here with this cool instumental. We’re back with the opening track styles here I feel, and it draws you in. I love the mellow sound Chris has on the gatt on this track, shades of Mark Knopfler (Brothers In Arms) I can see why it’s called “Transistion”, as there are several within this track, very tastful accompanying keys and piano on this track by Chris also, nice!

7. To A Scream:
Like “First Blood” I really dig this track, a whole album of this style would be right up my back alley Chris. The vocal effects work great with this track, I’ve had some similar one’s sent my way by Richard Anderson (grins). Cool arrangement, love the lazy big chugalug chords in this track, and harmony notes played in the middle, great riff, totally dig it!!!

8. Lost Soul:
Chris’s piano skills come to the fore here! a superb track! it has a soul baring quality to it that I love, it has that Alan Parsons vibe going again, great melody! great gatt solo, I really dig your vocs on this one Chris!

9. Innate Self Destruct:
Once again a different style coming through here with this track, sits great with tracks 3, 4, 5, I feel.
Love the change in the middle where the gatt kicks in! makes me wanna get the bourbons out haha!

10. Tribal Eat Pop Slop:
Great! some latin vibe!!! You know I’m into that, way cool! I love that tribal vocal hook going on through this track, it’s kinda hypnotic, and I love the groove of this track also! another great arrangement! This track is also one of my favs, and a great way to finish off the album, wicked stuff!
This songs needs some airplay bigtime!!!!!

“Pieces Of Eternity” is a very well produced album with some great songs and a cool mixture of styles throughout! Congratulations to Chris and everyone else involved, I wish you every success with your debut solo album.

Rob Smith (GONE WILD)

Pieces of Eternity – Reviewed by Richard Anderson!!!

Originally posted on the GONE WILD and friends Facebook page!! – Much thanks for the kind words brother!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Chris Szkup – Pieces Of Eternity (2009)

Chris’ solo recording career has only just begun, and what a way to kick things off !

1. Magical Occurence (2.23)
– I’ve liked this song ever since I heard a demo version years ago (it seems like eons ago). You know you’re in for a something special when a track such as this is the opener – it leads one to think a special journey is about to unfold…and indeed what it promises is then delivered.

2. First Blood (6.50)
– I’d heard a bit about this song over the course of our correspondence and know how much it meant to Chris to be able to pull this one off (as one would expect with everything on this album). What I hear is more killer riffs on this one song than some people have on their whole albums. The Brian May-style guitar harmonies really kick into life along with some Slash-type vibes thrown in for good measure (shades of Slash’s best work at any rate). The vocal on this track is definitely one where Chris’ voice is really comfortable sounding on the ears. Anyone that uses a whammy bar to such a successful conclusion as on this tune has my full and undivided attention.

3. (I Can’t) Start Again (5.09)
– Shades of The Rolling Stones here – and thats a compliment and a half, the riffs abound as one would expect when you’ve got someone of Chris’ calibre laying down the gatt work. What impressed me here was the strength of the vocal too, lots of attitude pours out in every word – and a great time i expect was had recording this tune, at least thats what I am hearing. This would be and should be a strong contender for radio play.

4. Soundtrack (4.33)
– If there were a prize for the cynical lyric of the year award – then this track would be a contender no doubt about it (I know a thing or two about this kinda thing – so trust me), nice licks are thrown down amongst an overall comfortable soundscape – this one shouldn’t scare too many grandma’s – at least musically.

5. October 22 (4.03)
– This is another song that I had previously heard a demo version of (in fact I have it lying around here amongst my archives – don’t worry it won’t end up on ebay just yet LOL). Now I know Chris’ musical tastes are pretty electic so it comes as no surprise when theres a knee’s up type number thrown into the mix – his brother Matt did quite well on the tambourine there (I have video footage of him in the studio laying this down – a good time looked to be had on this occasion). This is a fun one ya’ll – yeehaw !

Richard - POE!!

6. Transition (7.31)
– What a delightful wee number we have here (it didn’t seem like it was that long when I listened to it the first time, which is usually the sign of brilliance) – Chris might well forgive me if I compare this soundscape to some of Mark Knopflers better known works (at least as far as the mellow vibes are concerned). This track is an absolute stunner, just when your mind is transfixed on the sublties, out comes this rather awesome piece of lead work – I wish I could play like that! (now you know with Chris and Rob Smith around why i don’t even bother ! LOL)

7. To A Scream (9.44)
– Given the length of this number I fully expected that this would be something special – long tunes generally hold my attention longer than most as I know the challenge put into creating such masterpieces. As far as pushing the boundaries are concerned, this tune does so in spades. The killer licks, the vocal effects, the highballers – they all work bigtime. Lyrically this is my favourite song on the album, in fact this song as a whole has just the right attitude to have me grinning like a chesire cat…there’s blues, metal and even some funk going on there – I dig bigtime ! I might also add that the drummer is tighter than…well I better not ellaborate, but rest assured it kicks all kinds of ass!

8. Lost Soul (4.17)
– I was so glad to hear a track where the piano comes to the fore, thus proving once and for all that Chris is more than just a brilliant exponent of the axe merchand variety of human being. This is one of my favourite tracks on this album also. Knowing that Chris is a huge fan of Roger Taylor (Queen – not Duran Duran, although he may be a fan of his too) so it comes as no surprise that there would be the kind of song on this album that reminds me of Roger’s best work (I could imagine him singing this number) – funnily enough the lead guitar solo once again reminds me of that other Queen chappy. Melody abounds – and I love melody, in fact I would go so far as to say that the vocal refrains are quite dreamy (but hey anything would be after “To A Scream” wouldn’t it ? LOL)

9. Innate Self Destruct (5.26)
– This was the first track that I heard completed during the recording sessions of this album, I remember telling Chris how much I was into not only the usual (tight as playing/instrumentation), but also I really REALLY digged the vocal on this one – particularly pleasing to me was that there were backing vocals in there that added to the overall feel of the song, more than ably (in fact I’d like to hear this cat tending to the backing vocals on some other tunes in the future). It might seem weird to think a metalhead would have a toe-tapper (this is the second one) on their debut album – but Chris defies all the rules and does what he does because he makes the music he digs. Again this is another mighty effort and another album highlight for me. Check out when those guitars come in – it’s like going a round with Rocky, cue the air guitars mofos! This is a rock ‘n’ roll orgy on this here tune, someone pass me a cigarette!!!!.

10. Tribal Eat Pop Slop (7.15)
– Closing off the album where we started from – this song is completely nothing like I had expected. I’m not going to ruin it for the listener by saying exactly what’s going on here, but this song is the kind of track that offers up allsorts of weird and wonderful imagery – a contender for a video treatment perhaps? This is one compelling wee ditty that draws the listener in, it had me guessing what was coming next, quite hypnotic in its rendering, it’s a perfect album closer I reckon.

Kudos to Matt and Dale for their efforts on this here album – you have served your apprenticeships well – keep up the great work lads!

In closing I am happy to see that my brother in rock has realised his dream of having completed recording his debut album, the sky is now the limit…I thank Chris for his contributions and inspirations to our shared endeavours and now feel blessed to know his solo material will inspire as well – I feel that time will be kind to this chap and his talents and I look forward to helping Chris achieve the goal of achieving a few more of his dreams, i’m proud to call this dude my brother in rock !

Tasmania has finally bred their own form of rock god (this album confirms it even though I already knew this from our previous endeavours of working together) – even though Melbourne will no doubt claim the bugger LOL

I have to extend a congrats to Dan Verkys (www.guardenofbandthings.com) for his amazing artwork that ties it all together rather nicely – extending the whole visual vibe i’m getting from this platter….kudos all round there man! (which you can see my niece Kayla was mighty impressed with too 🙂

Kayla - POE!!

Here’s to album’s #2,#3…and then some !

Richard - POE!!

– Richard Anderson (GONE WILD, The Feckers)

Pieces of Eternity – Out Now!!!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that it’s FINALLY here!!!! :D

Pieces of Eternity - Out NOW!!

Click HERE to order the album through the official webstore!!


Also should mention that I had a great studio session the other night for The Feckers album that was started in July!!! We now pretty much have three songs totally done music wise, with one of them even having vocals on it already!! Is sounding bitchin!! :D

My thoughts on GONE WILD II (continued)

OK so following on from my initial review of GONE WILD II, disc 1 that you can read here.


“Thunder and Lightning” – I think the story goes with this one that Rob had just shredded his heart out only to discover that his machine ended up eating the tracks on him, and left him wondering “great – what the hell do I do now”. Must have been some incredible stuff on those tracks!! I guess we’ll never know, but what we get on the finished track from the album is pretty damn impressive enough for me!!! If there are any ever GONE WILD live appearances they should totally do this song live!!

“I Caught You Out” – The title makes me think of “Howzat” for a moment, and though that may seem like a pisstake it isn’t!!! This tune is pretty cruisy rock, not too heavy, not too light. Some cool snarls in the vocal. One of those lyrics that any person (decent ones anyway) can relate to.

“Thicker” – The opening of the track reminds me of Melbourne convinience stores – where’d you record that sample guys? Haha. I think I read this was the first time our axe man ever used the drop D tuning (for the non musicians reading, this is where the lowest string of the guitar is lowered two notes, thus producing a much easier way to fret power chords, and also allowing the guitar to obviously play a little bit lower too which can inspire new things as far as composing goes). If I remember correctly too, this is MacGyver doing the much feared “high baller” on this song? Pretty cool stuff all round. Totally slamming heavy. A pretty new thing for the guys in GONE WILD.

“Is It Real” – I wish I wrote this song!! It’s a kinda loungey vibe throughout, and has that feeling of familiarity – like you’ve heard it before, even though you obviously haven’t. Could see this song working real well acoustically at a booze up, complete with yobbo background vocals and everything. Tasty saxophone stuff on this one too. I’m not the hugest phone of the sax usually, but find that when the guys team up with Robin, I’m always into it. Top stuff.

“Karma” – This one fades in with quite a bad arse bass / drums groove. Some sweet playing from Matt here, before the guitar introduces what will be the main hook of the song. When I played this for the first time it instantly grabbed me. Feels very Boston influenced, even down to some of the solos, which is a total credit in my book as they’re a great band. Again, this one should be done live if the guys ever go that way. Amazing song!!

“Doesn’t Really Matter” – Apparently I got some of this kinda stuff wrong with my Disc review, but I’m confident I hear MacGyver lead singing on this one along with Rob, and as usual their voices blend nicely. The main guitar riff of this song almost feels like signature Rob stuff now having heard a bit of it. Good solid rock on display here. Catchy melodies as usual.

“Rise Up” – (Wondering if the intro was recorded during one of the guys bourbon fests? Haha :P) The chorus to this song is a real pumper I gotta say. The song feels very familiar, but I can’t say it really sounds like any specific band…..except GONE WILD!!! That’s where it’s at!!

“The Way of the World” – When this track starts off, you can just tell it’s gonna be epic!! Great chord progression. Nice tasty fretless bass here, and the spoken intro really strikes a nerve I think. Chorus is KILLER!!!!! Great song, and touching on those subjects again that should be touched on a lot more than they are!!

“If Only I Could Find the Words” – This is one of those tracks that kinda makes it suprising that this is the same bunch of guys that also tore our faces off with “Thunder and Lightning” a while back. Totally cruisy funky blues rock that I could hear someone like Ben Harper doing. The piano on this one really adds to it as well. Just a good time all the way on this one musically.

“In the Year of the Blues” – I’d imagine the guys all enjoyed this one a lot being the blues fiends they are!! Loving it. How can you go wrong with the right bunch of guys and some blues!!!

“Where Would We Be” – Without the lyric sheet all I can say is this sounds like a pretty deep nod to a situation with a female companion of someones. Amazing chorus!! Wow!! This one actually I never realised just how cool it was because of all the songs!! Totally melodic and memorable which is 100% cool to me!! Haha some great samples in this one!!

“Bourbon Blues” – This was another track the guys were kind enough to have me play on for them, and I still remember hearing of the idea for the song from Rob – “was just an idea so I went with it” real modest like. I heard the song and went “SHIT – I love this!!” and I still do. Great fun to play to. All the guys did great with their bits. Honoured to be along for it!!

“21st Century Cool” – Not sure where the intro for this is from but I love it, and then the guitar that kicks in. Awesome!!! Sounds a bit like Brian May “Ressurrection” style there which is a compliment and then some!! You kind of expect it to be heavier after that than the main riff of the song that kicks in, which is a nice little twist, cause the obvious thing to do would be to crunch away as loud as possible. Totally catchy choruses here again. Rockin all the way!!

“Wild Boy” – Some cool production on those Breakfree voices coming into the track. This one proves a nice finale to the album – something not too heavy, not too light. Is like the guys want to leave you with their motto to remember them by before the disc finishes. Totally cool harmonies as usual.

Great stuff, and well done on a fantastic album lads!!! For more info, check out http://www.myspace.com/gonewildnz

“Pieces of Chris” – Interview for GONE WILD and Friends!!!

Chris with the Uke

Chris Szkup – Pieces Of Chris (Interview)

1. How does it feel to finally have “Pieces Of Eternity” completed ?

FANTASTIC!!! Ya know, it honestly looked for a while there like it may not happen at all,
so to be sitting here reflecting on it’s completion is really something!!

2. You first mooted the title for this album years ago, did you stick
to the same set of songs all these years ?

No, although there are a few songs that would have been on that earlier version.
Some of the stuff was written as late as 2007.

3. What made you decide to record a solo album as opposed to getting together
in a band situation ?

Really just from being burned too many times I think. Eventually enough was going to be
enough, and although there’s definitely something special about being in a band and having
all guys on the same page and equally involved and into it, actually finding that situation
is quite a tricky thing as well.

Having said that, doing some of the earlier sessions for the album we’d lay down the bass
and drums with me singing / playing along, and some of the mateship from those sessions
really reminded me of the earlier days when we used to have a steady band going. Good times!!

4. What lead to you taking on the singing role ?

Again, just relying on people, but being let down. I’m definitely not the most able
vocalist on the block, but at least I’m going to turn up!!

And also, because a lot of the lyrics are pretty personal stuff, who better to convey them than
me I figure.

5. Besides playing guitar and singing, what other instruments did you play on this album ?

Let’s see….bass on “October 22” and “First Blood”, keys and piano on several tracks, and
some extra drum smacks on “Magical Occurence”.

6. Who would you describe as some of your main influences as a songwriter ?

There are soooooooo many really, but in recent times, I suppose Glenn Hughes,
Bumblefoot, George Harrison, Megadeth, Cheap Trick and Queen.

7. You’ve previously been in the band Melodic Candy and Jigsore, did anyof those
experiences of being in those bands have an influence in the songs on “Pieces
Of Eternity” ?

Not at all aside from me knowing right away that some of the stuff I was writing
wasn’t really gonna fit in as far as what Jigsore was doing at the time.

8. Your brother Matt plays on “Pieces Of Eternity”, it must be something pretty
cool to have a family member to bounce ideas off of, what did Matt bring to
the fold for this album ?

What DIDN’T he bring? Haha. First and foremost, he’s the guy that is responsible
for it even existing. I’ll explain. Since moving from Tasmania in 2004, once in a
while I’d send him some stuff I had demoed. Just “check this out, wrote it the
other day” kinda stuff. There was one song he heard this way called “Innate
Self Destruct”, and he was right into it. Pretty much said that we have to get it
recorded, he knows the perfect place to do it, and he’ll even pay for it if I’m
short of a quid!!!!! What a guy!!!!!!!

So aside from being responsible for the whole thing starting at all, he also brings
enthusiasm (which is pretty much essential), great drumming, guitar playing and
singing, and not a bad set of co-producers ears either.

9. Did you have any other people contribute to the recording of the album ?

Well aside from Stew Long who handled the controls for us at Red Planet,
we have Dale Brewer on bass for 7 of the 10 songs.

10. What is your expectation with regards “Pieces Of Eternity” ?

No expectations really, other than hopefully some people our there somewhere
getting some enjoyment from it and hearing what fun we had making it.

11. Will you be shooting any video’s for this album ?

It is definitely something that is on my mind, and we’ve spoken about this a little bit. I have
to check it out some more, but if all goes well there will be some videos in some shape or form
in the future.

12. Will you be getting a live unit together to play these songs in concert ?

It isn’t something that’s planned at the moment unfortunately. Maybe that will change. Sure
would be fun.

13. Previously you had recorded with Jigsore, what happened there, why was an
album never officially released ?

That was such a long time ago now, I’m not sure I really know the answer to that!! Haha.
I guess it just wasn’t meant to be – as cheesy as that may sound.

We definitely did some cool things though – cut our teeth playing live together, learned a lot
in the studio, and drank enough alcohol together for a couple of life times. Some fun stuff for

14. Aside from your solo projects, have you played on any other albums ?

As far as released stuff goes, my mates in GONE WILD from New Zealand were kind enough to have
me onboard for 3 songs on their latest album, and one song on their first, which is always a good fun experience.

Aside from that, there is an album from a chap from the USA called Rick Bone, who is donating the proceeds of his album to MS Research, being a sufferer of the disease himself. To be able to in any way at all contribute to something like that which is so important is definitely a cool thing for a postman from down under I can tell you!!

15. What’s the biggest buzz out of playing on other people’s albums ?

Just everything about it. Hopefully at the end of the process you read that your parts added to the song and the person is happy, which is what it’s really all about – making music together and being happy, so I guess that’s the biggest thrill for me!!

16. Do you plan on doing more writing/guest apperances on other peoples albums in the future ?

Sure if things come up and I’m available. I pretty much take things as they come, but wouldn’t rule anything out!!

17. It’s now been well documented that you have a side-project on the go – along with writing and recording your 2nd solo album, how easy is it for you to keep The Feckers and Chris Szkup seperated musically ?

I don’t really think about it a whole heap to be honest with you. It’s a matter of just doing what you do. With The Feckers, it seems like we’ll definitely be going to some places musically that my album doesn’t, but it wasn’t really a concious decision on my part. Maybe the lyrics Richard sends me can inspire some different ways of thinking in regards to the music, but in general, I have so much music in my head, that I can spread them nicely between the two monkiers and make it seem like some grand plan when in reality it isn’t haha!

18. Who designed the “Pieces Of Eternity” artwork ? It looks great and conjurs up all sorts of
visuals, without being anything too over the top or cheesy!

Yeah how cool is that artwork!!! Mr Dan Verkys, who is also from Melbourne. He was a total breeze to work with. Everyone should check out his stuff at: http://www.gardenofbadthings.com/

19. Will you have him do any design work for you in the future ?

If he’s available I’d definitely want to keep things rolling there. I couldn’t imagine going to anyone else at the moment!!

20. Lastly, for those that aren’t too sure on how to pronounce your surname, could you
ellaborate on what might be the best way to say it correctly ?

HAHAHA!!!! I’m always misunderstood, so even if I were to type it out in this reply, it more than likely isn’t going to come across the right way! Maybe I can make a video down the track haha.

Update – August 29, 2009!!!


So hopefully by now, everyone has seen the cover and heard the sample from “Pieces of Eternity”?? (If you don’t know what I’m on about, go to http://www.cs-songs.com/powerfulostrichearache)I’m so happy that it’s nearly a done deal, and can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks about it.

The latest there is that I’ve OK’ed a digital proof of the album artwork with the manufacturers, and pending everything going smoothly on their end, it’ll be a done deal in the first half of September!!!

Been working on the online store here, so everything will be ready to go in time for the CD’s coming back from print. Also will be doing some promo stuff for the release – interviews, radio etc. Very excited for all that!!!

Keep an eye on my associated sites over the next day or so for a full length track!! ;)


For those who may not be aware of it, for years I’ve written songs with folks in other countries through the wonders of modern technology, and even had the pleasure of a few guest guitar cameos too. One of these collaborations is with a mate by the name of Richard “MacGyver” Anderson, and even though we never really had the money to complete a lot of our ideas so far, we never really stopped collaborating on stuff.

For a while we were really trying to bring the songs to life, but it seemed like the gods were against that happening, which lead to us shelving the idea for a while, and he went and formed a cool little band called GONE WILD, while I was finally getting some of my own stuff together.

Now that we’ve both had some progress on our own sides of the pond, we decided it was time again to team up and hopefully tend to some of those now many songs. This was penciled in to start in July 09, looked shaky for a little bit, but ended up happening and then some.

We’ve made some fantastic progress on 3 songs, which are hard rock / metal, and on those tracks basically all the drums, bass and rhythm guitar is DONE!! Speaking of drums too, we have the most unbelievable skinsman helping us out on this stuff – more on that soon.

Basically everything is going amazingly well, and while this has all been going on, we’ve been recruiting other guest singers and players, and the list is a real impressive one! And we’re not even done yet!

I’m back in the studio next week doing lead and acoustic guitars, and possibly even getting some vocals added to one of the tracks, so stay tuned!!


Started work on what will be my 2nd album in July also!! Once again with my bro Mathew Szkup on drums, and the incredible Stew Long running the controls once again. We’re four songs into the drum tracks, although Stew’s hectic schedule of late hasn’t allowed any more progress to be made on the songs thus far.

Again it will be a mixture of stuff – of these 4 songs, there’s a funk / rock / metal thing, a Harrison esque chord strummer, a piano based rock ballad, and a 10 minute epic kinda thing that to quite Stew “covers most countries on earth” in the moods it creates. Starts off thrash metal and ends up as a waltz!!

Will post more on this stuff as we chip away at it in conjunction with The Feckers stuff.


While I can’t say too much at the time of writing, it looks like I’ll be getting back onto the stage in 2009, not only in Melbourne, but also interstate!!! Stay tuned!!!


Just have to say a big THANK YOU to Ron Thal, and Peter Hodgson for their nice words in this Bumblefoot Interview!!!

To say I’m honoured is an understatement!!!

Check out http://www.bumblefoot.com/ for more Bumblefoot, and also Peter’s awesome guitar blog titled I Heart Guitar, at http://www.iheartguitarblog.com/ !!!

Pieces of Eternity Exclusives!!!

Hey folks!

The latest on things here is that last night I sent over some revised liner notes to Dan Verkys for the cover, and asked Stew about making one final final change to one song, and that is it!!!

In the meantime, I wanted to start revealing some info to you folks who have been so supportive through this whole thing, so here’s what I’m going to do.

Anyone who has been a subscriber to either my Facebook Music Page, Twitter Page, or Myspace Blog will get some updates from me over the next few days – cover art, sound samples etc which I’ll send out directly (they won’t be posted on the main page for the general public until a bit later). Just my way of saying thanks to you guys for being there and believing.

If you’re not subscribed, but would like to be, there is still time!!! Will leave it a few days for any new folks that would like to sign up, so check out the info below. Note that any of the following will get you the updates – while you’re more than welcome to, there’s no need to sign up to all 3 sites to get the info. One will do!


Twitter: Visit http://www.twitter.com/eatpopslop and click on “Follow”.

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Much thanks all!! Looking forward to getting this out there to you all!!! :D