Pieces of Eternity reviewed by Rob Smith!!!

Rob was kind enough to have this in my inbox the DAY he got the CD!!! For a dude as busy on musak as El Robbo, that’s mightily appreciated by me I gotta say!! Much thanks brother!!!!!!!!!! :D

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Reviewed by Rob Smith (GONE WILD)

I recieved a copy of Chris Szkup’s new solo album (“Pieces Of Eternity”) in the mail today, on opening the package I was immediately struck with how great the artwork for this album is, a terrific job done there by Dan Verkys.

I found the album captivating and very interesting, almost like listening to 3 albums in one, with a range of different styles throughout the album.

Tracks 1, 6, 8, & 10 could be from one album, tracks 3, 4, 5, & 9 from another, and tracks 2 & 7 from yet another, but with Chris’s voice carrying most tracks, I found the mix of tracks to be very intriguing indeed.

This album shows just how versatile Chris Szkup is, as both a musical writer and a musician, his unique singing style blends perfectly with his different musical styles, and his musicianship on guitar/bass and piano/keys is first class.

A great job done by Stew Long with the mixing and production of this allbum @ Red Planet Studios.

1. Magical Occurence:
I was surprised when the Keyboards kicked in on this opening track, as somehow I had gotten it into my head that it would be a guitar opener, but I like surprises, and this opening mood peice has shades of Alan Parsons going on which I dig. Ian Bairnson styles on the guitar and the gong finish is great.

2. First Blood:
Ah! this is what I had in mind for the opener, but anyone who at first listen thought this was going to be a laid back album gets their answer right here! I have to say this is my favourite track on the album, great arrangement, great guitar. I dig it when Chris is in this mode, hot!!!

3. (I Can’t) Start Again:
This is where we skip albums, and jump into a different style completely to the last track, a solid uptempo rock track, almost Iggy Pop styles going on here for me!

4. Soundtrack:
This track runs along nicely with the last one, though a slightly lighter track. Sounds a bit like Richard Anderson on lead vocals ha! A nice big fat guitar sound on this one! with tasty licks!

5. October 22:
This track also follows the last two well, a cool quirky foot tapping song!
Chris’s vocals remind me a little bit in places of Tom Petty on this one! cool like it!

6. Transition:
Ok, the mood deepens and slows here with this cool instumental. We’re back with the opening track styles here I feel, and it draws you in. I love the mellow sound Chris has on the gatt on this track, shades of Mark Knopfler (Brothers In Arms) I can see why it’s called “Transistion”, as there are several within this track, very tastful accompanying keys and piano on this track by Chris also, nice!

7. To A Scream:
Like “First Blood” I really dig this track, a whole album of this style would be right up my back alley Chris. The vocal effects work great with this track, I’ve had some similar one’s sent my way by Richard Anderson (grins). Cool arrangement, love the lazy big chugalug chords in this track, and harmony notes played in the middle, great riff, totally dig it!!!

8. Lost Soul:
Chris’s piano skills come to the fore here! a superb track! it has a soul baring quality to it that I love, it has that Alan Parsons vibe going again, great melody! great gatt solo, I really dig your vocs on this one Chris!

9. Innate Self Destruct:
Once again a different style coming through here with this track, sits great with tracks 3, 4, 5, I feel.
Love the change in the middle where the gatt kicks in! makes me wanna get the bourbons out haha!

10. Tribal Eat Pop Slop:
Great! some latin vibe!!! You know I’m into that, way cool! I love that tribal vocal hook going on through this track, it’s kinda hypnotic, and I love the groove of this track also! another great arrangement! This track is also one of my favs, and a great way to finish off the album, wicked stuff!
This songs needs some airplay bigtime!!!!!

“Pieces Of Eternity” is a very well produced album with some great songs and a cool mixture of styles throughout! Congratulations to Chris and everyone else involved, I wish you every success with your debut solo album.

Rob Smith (GONE WILD)

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