Rob Smith – “Never a Dull Moment” – Review!!!

Rob Smith - Never a Dull Moment

“Cinderella” – I just get a real classic vibe from this song. Real nice opener. Almost something I could see Bryan Adams doing. The other vibe I get is that it would be incredible too see some of this stuff given the live treatment, cause this man has quite a catalog of great songs!!!

“It’s Getting on top of Me” – Again this seems instantly classic to me – kinda like when you think you’ve heard something before but you haven’t. Real pumping stuff. A little bit more attitude than the melodic opener, not that this isn’t melodic either though, but things are turned up half a notch if you will. Love the riffs. Great rocking and rolling,
and the bass lines really jump out and compliment the song bigtime!! Would love to be in the crowd screaming “It’s getting on top of me” for that breakdown bit! Yeah!!

“Never a Dull Moment” – As with all of the songs really, but this chorus is a real goody to my ears – the groove really seems to kick in at the chorus, and the melody is awesome. Some nice guitar interplay between Rob and Rob haha. Always tastiness going on which is what it’s about – totally complimenting the song which to me is the best kinda playing.

“What Happened to my World?” – OK so before any morons get in, yes this song is inspired by and probably loosely based on “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. Credit for even going there – I know with my own music I’d sound like a retard if I tried something like this, but Rob does it extremely convincingly here – the guitars
definitely could be Brian May playing them, and the vocal harmonies could be the three guys overdubbing til the cows come home. The difference of course is that everything
on this track is one guy – Sir Robollio Smith!!! Epic!!!

“Free Spirit” – Gotta relate to the lyric in this one for sure!!! The guitar doodles throughout this wouldn’t be out of place in the most popular of songs of today. Very catchy.

“Freedom to be who I am” – And who you are Rob Smith, is a SHIT HOT acoustic player!!! Damn this song is really something special. Would love to see an album of all stuff like this. Really cool!!!

“You Say You Want to be free” – Some of my comments from “What Happened to my World” could go here – I can’t believe this is all one guy playing and singing this stuff!!! Also check out the song length – quite an effort to have something that long (16 minutes) and keep it interesting. Mr Smith has definitely pulled that off here. This is like
the coolest two or three songs you’ll hear this year but all joined together to equal some epicness!!!! By the way mate, next time people reckon my songs are too long, I’m gonna send them your way haha!!

“On Common Ground” – I get a real spacey kinda vibe from the production on the first part of this song with the clean tones and vocals. REALLY loving the clean guitar solo stuff. I’m always a sucker for a nice clean tone and some tasty licks – which there are plenty of here. The “kit” used for the drum programming seems to really add to this kind of song too. Always nice to hear a vocal cameo from our mate MacGyver (Richard Anderson), a longtime collaborator of Rob’s who contributes lyrics to tracks 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12. Sweet track!

“Tears of the Sun” – Reading from the booklet this song was “inspired by the movie of the same name, and dedicated with deep respect to Bruce Willis and Antoine Faqua. I know Rob is a fan of Boston, which is the kinda vibe I get from the start of the song. Way cool anytime that happens!!! Having not seen the movie “Tears of the Sun”, I can only really imagine that if it were my movie this song was referencing, I’d certainly be happy and then some as it’s obvious that both Richard with his lyrics, and Rob with the music absolutely mean it!! Awesome ending to this song!!!

“Good Memories are made to Last” – Some cool interplay between the different guitar parts as always which Rob is so good at. Totally tasty playing with the leads. When the chorus kicks in, I get an image in my head of the video clip to “This is Love” by George Harrison where the family is all hanging out and enjoying each others company on a beautiful sunny day. I hear a bit that the “happier” songs are harder to write, and in my experience as a writer that can be true too. The guys pull it off awesomely here!!

“Let me Out” – BEAUT little bass runs on the intro and throughout. Love the tone as well!! Quite an eerie twist to the song at about 3.13 for a little bit which was cool, and also reminds me that the programming of the drums as always is fantastic on Rob’s stuff. A section like this with the wrong kinda drum sound would just go nowhere, but this was fantastic!!

“You’re Free” – So glad I got more of the acoustic stuff I was digging so much earlier on in the album with “Freedom to be who I am”!! Apparently this was recorded when it was raining outside according to the vocal intro – certainly not a bad way to spend a rainy day, and it almost looks like a tranquil scene – as long as “rain” doesn’t = pissing down rain haha!!

Beautiful song, and a fantastic close to the album!!!

In summing up, wow what a songwriter!!!! Amongst all the totally musically correct performances in the vocals, guitars, bass, keys etc, I guess it’s a possibility that the fact that the songs are all fantastic may be slightly overlooked!!!! So make no mistake – TOP NOTCH songwriting going on here!!! Hell Yeah Rob!!!

Everyone should buy this album and support independent music – the time and effort, and often money as well, is something that most folks don’t even give a second thought to in this age of music being apparently “free”. I sure hope that will change at some point, even though I’m not optimistic it will.

Contact robertsmith (a) or breakfree74 (@) for purchasing info!!!!

Update – August 27,2010!!!


After a couple of technical glitches holding it back a little bit, the album has finally got it’s digital release and will be popping up on more and more digital download sites over the coming weeks!!

I did a promo video to celebrate the release which you can find here, and you can purchase the album via CD Baby, Amazon, Great, Good, and, with more to come soon!!

Also for you old schoolers, you can still pick up a physical CD version (what are they? :P ) from the store here at!!


We’re kicking arse!!! More great performances from Dennis, Roy, Rob, Paul and even my cousin Irene Slade. Not to mention a cameo appearance from Mrs Jennifer Leeflang too which was fantastic!!!

Feel free to sign up to our Facebook Page, and suggest to your friends!!

To get a little sneak peak of what this thing is going to sound like, check out this video of me doing guitars on an as yet unreleased track from the album!!

The plan at this stage is that one or two singles may come out before the album which would be accompanied by a video ideally. Given the locales of all the contributors to this album, this may be ambitious, but definitely something that we wanna do as well!! Stay tuned!!

Update – 10.08.10!!!

At the start of the month we had 4 days in the studio which was a combination of Feckers and solo stuff – both of which we made quite a lot of progress on!!! :D

SOLO STUFF – Check out my Youtube Channel for a new video with Skube and I singing backing vocals on one of the songs that will be on my next album!!! We finished off lead vocals for this round of songs on day 1 of the studio sessions just gone. Just gotta add a string section, and it’ll be a done deal!! To say I’m happy with the results would be an absolute understatement. Note there’s no release date for this set as yet – so far we’re 4 songs into it, so you’ll know more closer to it being finished!!

FECKERS – Days 2, 3 and 4 were spent working on Feckers material – from Skube doing bass tracks on an as yet unnamed track, to our cousin Irene Slad doing some killer vocals on two songs so far, to myself laying down bass and guitars on several tracks.

Since I got back, we’ve also had some more drum tracks come in from Mr Leeflang, some vocals from Mr Smith, and some more vocals from Mr Bratbakken. It’s all kicking total butt, and we can’t wait for you to hear it!!!!

We’ve also got a little snippet from me doing guitar tracks from this album on the Youtube channel, so make sure you pay a visit!!!

Only a short one today, but keep an ear out cause there is heaps of stuff happening and I love it!!!! :D

Update – June 14, 2010!!!


CS Poster

Finally added posters to the store as well as giving it an overall revamping. Folks should find it easier to use and hopefully a little better to look at too. Now along with Credit Card and Paypal, you can also use Money Orders which are available pretty much world wide as far as I’m aware. Any questions when ordering, email

As well as all that, I’ve decided to to honour the shipping discount I offered over the Christmas / New Year period indefinitely – so basically anything you order from the store comes with free shipping!!

Check it out at


CS - Piano

Had some more fantastic sessions at Red Planet over recent weeks. Played some piano and finished off guitar on the songs we’re doing right now, and it’s sounding beyond what I ever could have hoped for already!! One of the songs is turning into quite a monster, growing and growing as monsters do!!

Mr Adrian Bryan was kind enough to come down and contribute some violin on this track for us which was fantastic. This was really cool for Skube and I, as Adrian was the guitar tutor at Claremont College when we were students there in the 1990’s!!

Adrian Bryan

Will be uploading some vids asap, and possibly be leaking audio snippets of the stuff too as it’s completed!! Stay tuned!!


Had some guitar sessions for The Feckers stuff recently at the house. Much thanks here to Steve Solomon and my Bro Mathew Szkup for loaning the gear. For a novice at this engineering stuff I think it went pretty good!!! Also thanks to my lady Aisha Polat for her help with engineering on this stuff too!!

Dennis Leeflang has been drumming up a storm on more stuff in the meantime, and we’re now close to having all of the drum tracks complete!!


I’ve recently tried a few things – give aways, discounted shipping, and even a happy hour via the websites to try and inject some fun and a little bit of humour into things too.

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Update – May 03, 2010!!!

Hey just a quick check in after a loooooooooong few days, and weeks really. Things are flying at the moment, and things are changing too!! Has been an interesting, but rewarding time of late and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!!

ALBUM #2 – While we lost 3 drum tracks from July last year, it didn’t hold us back at all, as we were able to revisit those tracks and make them even more killer than they were!! As it’s my Bro and I bashing them out it’s real quick and natural to do another take, so we didn’t find this a problem at all retaking 3 out of 4 songs, and I’m pleased to report that after some fantastic progress over the last few weeks, the 4 songs basically need a couple of solos, piano / keys, and vocals and they’re a done deal!!

Might be some vids popping up from these sessions during the week and I’ve just uploaded a few pics to all the sites.

THE FECKERS – The cat is now officially out of the bag that joining us on drums for The Feckers album is none other than Mr Dennis Leeflang who currently plays for Bumblefoot and Lita Ford, as well as running a fantastic studio out of New York where he’s now based.

If you haven’t heard of this guy, go right away to

As for the album itself, we’re 7 tracks or so into the drums, with various other bits for pretty much all the tracks including vocals and guitars. Coming along fantastically!!

I’m going to be engineering some guitar parts for the album now and doing a lot more of the behind the scenes hands on stuff which is going to be keeping me even more busy on this stuff.

We still have some guests to confirm, but the stuff is turning out killer!!! We’ll have a website that you can keep an eye on in the future!!

GROUPIE CHRIS!! – Got to meet a couple of musical heroes of mine recently – Marty Friedman (ex Megadeth) and Devin Townsend (solo, Strapping Young Lad).


Quite an inspiring time!!!

Update – February 23, 2010!!!

Wow nearly 25% of the year is done and I haven’t even said HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I have been told I’m a little bit slow haha, but the truth is that I just haven’t had the chance to update!!! Lots been happening on this end, but before I post the progress on everything I’m up to musically right now, I just wanna say that I hope you have a fantastic 2010 and beyond!!! All the best to you and yours, and I appreciate everyone that is along for the ride!!! :D

2ND ALBUM – Even though I haven’t sold a million of the first one yet, all I know how to do is another one, and we started the drums for it in July 09. Am happy to report that we’ll be doing geetars, bass, and basically as much as possible next week at Red Planet!!!! There’s one song I’m particularly excited about giving the proper treatment to as it’s a 3 songs in one deal that covers a lot of different styles within. Will post on how we go afterwards!!! :D

FECKERS – We’ve made some real awesome progress on this album, which is the one Richard Anderson and I are putting together with guest singers and players from around the world. At the time of writing we don’t have a title for the album, but knowing that guy, one won’t be far away!! :P

Anyway, we have drums for 5 tracks, all or most of the music done on 3, vocal tracks for maybe 5 or 6, some keys tracks etc. Considering we weren’t even sure this thing would start when we hoped, to be almost half way into it is a great feeling!!

The songs range from good fun rock n roll to slamming metal and the occasional acoustic ballad as well. Working with all the different talent has been a great experience, and to the folks that might have let us down in the past when trying to get these songs together, we even have a special dedication for you!!! :P

AND BEYOND – Starting to slowly look at whats gonna follow the 2 albums mentioned above, and have loads of songs for what we have planned. Gonna be another old songwriting partnership hopefully doing some stuff in this time, but it’s early days!!

MORE TO COME – As of ten minutes ago, more cool news rolled in, but unfortunately I can’t tell just yet. But having said that, there’s plenty to come, and it’s gonna rock!!! :D

Free shipping until 01/01/10

Ho ho ho and stuff!!!! Hope everyone is well!!!

For anyone who might not have had the chance to pick up “Pieces of Eternity” as yet, the time couldn’t be better as we’re offering free shipping for the festive season and right through until 01/01/10!!!

Place your order as normal through the store at and let us know if you have any problems. May include other sweeteners as well for orders placed during this time!!!

Much thanks and all the best!!! :D

Update – November 9, 2009!!!

Chris live - October 31, 2009!!

Hey all,

Been NUTS busy – haven’t had a chance to update this thing in a while!! Am taking a break here cramming on songs to write an update on everything that’s happened over the last little bit, so here goes!!


Over the last couple of weeks I found myself on the stage for the first time in 3 years!!! Very cool to be back I have to say!!!

First up I did The Roarhouse @ The Espy Basement Bar on October 21st. Hadn’t attended one of these before so I wasn’t sure what to expect!! Ended up being a real fun night though and met some great folks there!! Played this one solo, and included the songs “(I Can’t) Start Again”, “October 22”, and “Soundtrack”, all from my recently released album “Pieces of Eternity”!!

Next up, I was playing guitar in an acoustic trio version of Liminal on October 31st, as part of the Halloween Showcase Of Death, put on by the good folks at, which was live streamed on the internet via their site, and also several community radio stations!!

The guys were all fantastic to work with, and got to see some great acts after our set as well. Played a handful of Liminal songs, a cover of “Total Control”, and also the live debut of “Lost Soul” which is from my solo album also!! We look forward to hopefully being part of more of these events in the future.

The following gigs are still to come this year with more being worked on behind the scenes: November 13th @ The OC, Fitzroy, with Problem, and Josh Murphy’s Filthy Soup, and November 30th with Hurb Jephasun and Corinna Jane @ The Good Folk Club, Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick!!

NOTE: The OC gig is with Liminal, and the Good Folk Club is as guest guitarist!!


Been recording for The Feckers at Melbourne Records for the last few months, and in the downtime for that I decided to start nailing some of the acoustic tracks I have had laying around for quite a while now. It may end up an album, they may end up a couple of EP’s, or possibly extra tracks. I’m as yet undecided on that, but have 8 songs done musically and it’s coming along nicely!! More info as it happens!!


Is slowly taking over the world!! Haha!!

Getting my music into some cool countries I never thought I’d ever have anything to do with – Germany, Italy, USA, UK to name a few – everyone’s support is much appreciated!!! Had some cool support from the folks at 3cr Radio here in Melbourne, and currently talking about some more!! Anyone out there that thinks my music may suit your format, definitely get in touch!!

And on that note, I think that is it!!

If anyone is a Twitter-er-er-er, feel free to follow me at

Facebook, you can find my music page here:

Happy October 22!!!!

Hey folks,

As mentioned, being October 22 today here in Australia, I figured it would be rude to not have a cheesy gimmick to do with that date considering there is a song on my album of that name.

Sooooo, for a limited time, check out “October 22” on the

(HAPPY BIRTHDAY Suzanne!!! :D)

Update – September 29, 2009!! – Radio and Live Shows!!!

Hey folks!!

Lotsa stuff going on here!! Is an awesome time right now!!

Firstly, THANKS to Stephen Titter and 3CR Community Radio, who will be playing some of not only mine, but also GONE WILD’S music this Thursday October 1st @ 12pm (AEST). Listen online at

The end of 2009 will see yours truly getting back onto the live stage!! There are more dates being talked about, but so far, the following are confirmed:

October 21st @ The Espy (Basement Bar), 8.00pm

Chris Szkup unplugged – Will be a short solo set by Chris featuring a few songs from “Pieces of Eternity”. Will also be copies available if anyone needs them!

( / )

November 30th @ The Brunswick Club – 140 Sydney Road, 8.00pm

Corinna and Hurb Jephasun @ The Good Folk Club – I’ll be jamming with my good friends on guitar for this event!! Looking forward to it!!

( )