Update – May 04, 2019!!

Been a big couple of months, I figure I will just do a summary of everything here since I didn’t manage to keep up with adding everything along the way!! Hope everyone is well!!


Early March I was at the Royal Oak Hotel in Fitzroy for the first time, and in the crowd were a few of my good friends from New Zealand!! We closed my acoustic set there with “Slackers and Wankers” and they didn’t throw us out, so that was good!! 😀

Will be back there on May the 8th @ 8.30pm!!


Next up my mate Dan Verkys who has handled artwork for myself and The Feckers for 10 years and going strong, came to me with the idea of having more articles on his website to go with the amazing artwork that has always been there. He was kind enough to have me as one of the first things he did with the new format of his website. When that guy comes calling, I am THERE – I don’t mind what it is. Thanks so much mate!!!


Early April, my brother Skube had tagged me in something about local guitar legend Phil Para inviting people to come and jam with him at his gigs. Skube and I have sunk quite a few pints in the crowd at Phil’s gigs before, and I always remembered (despite the pints) how amazing he was – I HAD to do this!!

What a great bunch of guys he and his band are, and the staff at The Fyrefly where the event was held were also very lovely. An amazing night!!


Late April I did a solo gig at Swamplands Bar in Thornbury, as part of a night that Dylan Beast runs there every week. Dylan and I used to play in an acoustic duo a year and a half ago, so it was a great excuse to catch up and play some tunes as well. We played solo sets and guested on a song for each other too. Amazing fun!!


The next album from The Feckers is well underway and has actually begun the mixing process with Dennis Leeflang of Livelong Productions handling that stuff. The third song to be mixed is currently underway in his very good and capable hands and it is sounding KILLER.

This coming week I have the live set at The Royal Oak @ 8.30 as mentioned (May 08), as well as a two hour slot on Casey Radio as part of the Casey Beat program (May 11) where we’ll be talking and playing some songs live and studio. Should be great fun.

First music from The Feckers in five years!!!!

During the making of the second album from The Feckers “Live To Fight Another Day”, we found, as is often the case that we had too much stuff, and somehow this version of the great W.A.S.P. song “Mean Man” happened, which when we decided to throw it out there, also happened to be the first music from The Feckers in five years!!! Hope you enjoy. Head over to the official site to download it for free!!!


Tugra Ismail – Lead Vocals
Chris Szkup – Rhythm, lead and bass guitars, backing vocals

Dennis Leeflang – Drums, mix
Mathew Szkup – Rhythm guitar
Alexey Spectre – Backing vocals

Mixed by Dennis Leeflang @ Livelong Productions, Mastered by Maor Appelbaum Mastering, Artwork by Dan Verkys.

“Mean Man” (Written by Steve Edward Duren), originally appears on the W.A.S.P.album “The Headless Children” from 1989. That is a killer song and album, so make sure you check it out and go buy it you bastards!!


The Feckers on Northwest FM!!

Irene Slade and myself had great fun talking with Adam Dempsey and playing songs from “It’d Be Rude Not To” for the first time on Radio Roarhouse at Northwest FM on Wednesday November 13th!! If you weren’t able to catch it on the day we have you covered – click below for links to hear the interview and also watch video of the songs performed!! Due to some glitches in the broadcast audio, we’ve removed the songs from the main clip, but added video performances instead. ENJOY!!









New Feckers single out now!!!

This is the fourth single that originally was due to be released before our album “It’d Be Rude Not To” in March. Sometimes things happen however and the song tells YOU when it’s coming out, but anyway it’s finally here!

Once upon a time I was going to do this song solo having had the bulk of it sitting around a long time before it was decided we would do it Feckers style. It features a great singer and infectiously enthusiastic guy in Carl Lindquist from Sweden, and also our old friend David Austin from New Zealand who we had written a few things with back in the early 00’s. Due to those songs not ever really happening, we wanted to finally have something with all of us playing together and this is it!

Also joining those two lads are myself and our resident crusher of heads on the kit, Mr Dennis Leeflang who also mixed the track.

As usual, artwork by Dan Verkys and mastering by Maor Appelbaum. I hope you enjoy!!

The Feckers “It’d Be Rude Not To” out now!!!!

The-Feckers-Album-Front-Cover-SmallIt’s finally here guys, and while I’m a little slow with this post, was released on March 12, 2013!!!!

Thanks to everyone who has dug in and indulged in some Feckery – we appreciate the support and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the album!

The album is ending up in some interesting places! Check out this photo album to see what I mean! Visit the Feckers Store for your copy!

The Feckers “It’d Be Rude Not To” out next week!!

CS_IBRNTHey all – look what just turned up on my doorstep!!!

To everyone that has pre-ordered already, THANK YOU and I hope you’re enjoying “Music Keeps Me Sane” for now!! Your hard copies will start shipping on Tuesday March 12th due to me flying to NZ straight after work tomorrow and Monday being a holiday here, which makes 12.3.13 the release day for our album “It’d Be Rude Not To”!!!

It wouldn’t be an album release without something going wrong, so in between work and international flights, I’ll be chasing up the posters as they didn’t arrive with the CD’s!! Rest assured they’re still happening though and if you’re ordered one, it’s absolutely coming!!

Haven’t pre-ordered yet but think you might like to? Fret not – there is still time, and to say “THANKS”, everyone that does so will score a copy of our as yet unreleased single “Music Keeps Me Sane”. Visit our STORE PAGE to do that!!

The Feckers – “It’d Be Rude Not To” – Album Preview Clips and Pre-Orders!!!

It gives me great pleasure to make this post today. The album goes into manufacturing on the 21st, and from there it will have a 7 – 10 day turnaround while they do their thing! Over this time you can pre-order, and as a thank you for doing that, we’ll give you a copy of our fourth single to be released, “Music Keeps Me Sane” before it’s released to iTunes and the like a bit later on.

Haven’t heard the preview clips yet? Check em out below!

50c albums????

As most folks would know, there’s going to be a new album coming very very soon by The Feckers – it’s just had the mixing wrapped up, so we’ll be mastering it now before it goes off to the printers. This means it’ll be here real soon and guess what? I think I’ll need the cupboard space when those copies arrive!! So here’s how you can help me out……

For a very limited time, I’ll be selling copies of my first album “Pieces of Eternity” for 50 cents. That isn’t a typo, and it doesn’t mean I don’t totally believe in the music, or that I’m retiring to start a new career to be a pole dancer or anything like that. It just means that I want ya to take em!!! Go on – take em!!!

When you pay the 50 cents, you’ll also get an instant download of the album to tide you over while the physical CD is being shipped out (this generally happens within a day of ordering). Any questions, email me, but other than that, please visit the new Bandcamp Store and go nuts!!!

Meet the newest addition to the family (as well as some news)!!

Finally got that 12 string we were looking for!!

Recently we were working behind the scenes on a forthcoming single by The Feckers called “Far From Done”, and I could hear a string on the song – something I didn’t have!!

So after lots of asking around and suprisingly very few guitarists actually having one, it was time to add to the family so to speak!!

Will be recording the tracks over the week so we can have the single out asap!!

Speaking of The Feckers, there was a little album we’ve been working on for a while that you may have heard me mention called “It’d Be Rude Not To”? ….. Well it’s extremely close to being a done deal. Will be going to Red Planet very early August to make 3 tiny little changes to mixes and then we’re mastering. Will be posting some release info for this thing really soon, so stay with us ok?

Much thanks as always!!! After that wraps up, I’ll be busting out a couple more songs with Skube that will be the final ones for my next album that was started just before things in Feckerville kicked into high gear in early 2010. Stay tuned for that also.

I’ll be doing the same thing in regards to singles with a steady flow of them that will come out via iTunes and also be available as full length videos on Youtube before the eventual release of that next CS Solo album. As it stands now there is a good half an hour of music complete, drums down on 4 more, with two more to come. Looking forward to it coming “to be” 😛

Thanks friends!!!!! RIP Jon Lord!!!! 🙁