The Feckers – “It’d Be Rude Not To”

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“A worldwide union in Rock”. Featuring the following great people from all over the world: Richard Anderson (New Zealand), Dennis Leeflang (USA), Roy Bratbakken (Norway), Mathew Szkup (Australia), Irene Slade (Australia), Ponch Satrio (Indonesia), Rob Smith (New Zealand), Ron Thal (USA), Tommy Denander (Sweden), Chandler Mogel (USA), Alexey Spectre (Russia), Edo van der Kolk (Netherlands), Matteo Bucca (Italy), Carl Lindquist (Sweden), Yohei Eto (Japan), David Austin (New Zealand), Aisha Polat (Australia), Jennifer Leeflang (USA), Paul Jolley (England), Steve Hacker (USA), Lyris Hung (USA), Pat Valley (USA), Dan Verkys (Australia), Stew Long (Australia), Jake Long (Australia), Chris Szkup (Australia).


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