Pieces of Eternity Exclusives!!!

Hey folks!

The latest on things here is that last night I sent over some revised liner notes to Dan Verkys for the cover, and asked Stew about making one final final change to one song, and that is it!!!

In the meantime, I wanted to start revealing some info to you folks who have been so supportive through this whole thing, so here’s what I’m going to do.

Anyone who has been a subscriber to either my Facebook Music Page, Twitter Page, or Myspace Blog will get some updates from me over the next few days – cover art, sound samples etc which I’ll send out directly (they won’t be posted on the main page for the general public until a bit later). Just my way of saying thanks to you guys for being there and believing.

If you’re not subscribed, but would like to be, there is still time!!! Will leave it a few days for any new folks that would like to sign up, so check out the info below. Note that any of the following will get you the updates – while you’re more than welcome to, there’s no need to sign up to all 3 sites to get the info. One will do!


Twitter: Visit http://www.twitter.com/eatpopslop and click on “Follow”.

Facebook: Visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chris-Szkup/69180289920?ref=search and click on “Become a Fan”.

Myspace: Visit http://blogs.myspace.com/eatpopslop and click on “Subscribe”.

Much thanks all!! Looking forward to getting this out there to you all!!! :D

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