“Resist to Exist” cover art, tracklisting!

Resist to ExistThe new release, “Resist to Exist” is currently in the mastering stage and will be coming to you asap!

It was recorded at Red Planet Recording in Hobart (by Stew and Jake Long), and also at my home in Melbourne, Australia, mixed by Dennis Leeflang, will be mastered by Andy Van Dette, and the cover art, is by Dan Verkys.

Joining me on the tracks as always is my bro Mathew Szkup (drums, guitars, backing vocals), Paul Jolley (keys), Lyris Hung (strings), Brian Sanders (cello), Adrian Bryan (strings), and Dennis Leeflang (tribal drums), and tracklisting follows:

“Resist Opus”
“Music is Free”
“Friendship Song”
“Gossip Train”
“Gift of Life:
“Influenza Blues”

Sadly for me being a real music love that is totally into physical releases, the way things are in 2014 it just couldn’t happen for “Resist to Exist”, and therefore this will be released via the usual digital outlets only. I will try and throw in some extras for anyone that wants to buy it direct from me as opposed to going through iTunes and the like though. More on that soon!

Update – June 14, 2010!!!


CS Poster

Finally added posters to the store as well as giving it an overall revamping. Folks should find it easier to use and hopefully a little better to look at too. Now along with Credit Card and Paypal, you can also use Money Orders which are available pretty much world wide as far as I’m aware. Any questions when ordering, email info@cs-songs.com

As well as all that, I’ve decided to to honour the shipping discount I offered over the Christmas / New Year period indefinitely – so basically anything you order from the store comes with free shipping!!

Check it out at http://www.cs-songs.com/store


CS - Piano

Had some more fantastic sessions at Red Planet over recent weeks. Played some piano and finished off guitar on the songs we’re doing right now, and it’s sounding beyond what I ever could have hoped for already!! One of the songs is turning into quite a monster, growing and growing as monsters do!!

Mr Adrian Bryan was kind enough to come down and contribute some violin on this track for us which was fantastic. This was really cool for Skube and I, as Adrian was the guitar tutor at Claremont College when we were students there in the 1990’s!!

Adrian Bryan

Will be uploading some vids asap, and possibly be leaking audio snippets of the stuff too as it’s completed!! Stay tuned!!


Had some guitar sessions for The Feckers stuff recently at the house. Much thanks here to Steve Solomon and my Bro Mathew Szkup for loaning the gear. For a novice at this engineering stuff I think it went pretty good!!! Also thanks to my lady Aisha Polat for her help with engineering on this stuff too!!

Dennis Leeflang has been drumming up a storm on more stuff in the meantime, and we’re now close to having all of the drum tracks complete!!


I’ve recently tried a few things – give aways, discounted shipping, and even a happy hour via the websites to try and inject some fun and a little bit of humour into things too.

While you’ll read about these things on all of my sites eventually, the quickest way to catch them is via Facebook, where everything is posted to originally, then the other sites automatically update with the info.

So feel free to sign up to my Facebook music page to ensure you don’t miss out on any future offers!!