50c albums????

As most folks would know, there’s going to be a new album coming very very soon by The Feckers – it’s just had the mixing wrapped up, so we’ll be mastering it now before it goes off to the printers. This means it’ll be here real soon and guess what? I think I’ll need the cupboard space when those copies arrive!! So here’s how you can help me out……

For a very limited time, I’ll be selling copies of my first album “Pieces of Eternity” for 50 cents. That isn’t a typo, and it doesn’t mean I don’t totally believe in the music, or that I’m retiring to start a new career to be a pole dancer or anything like that. It just means that I want ya to take em!!! Go on – take em!!!

When you pay the 50 cents, you’ll also get an instant download of the album to tide you over while the physical CD is being shipped out (this generally happens within a day of ordering). Any questions, email me, but other than that, please visit the new Bandcamp Store and go nuts!!!