Update – May 03, 2010!!!

Hey just a quick check in after a loooooooooong few days, and weeks really. Things are flying at the moment, and things are changing too!! Has been an interesting, but rewarding time of late and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!!

ALBUM #2 – While we lost 3 drum tracks from July last year, it didn’t hold us back at all, as we were able to revisit those tracks and make them even more killer than they were!! As it’s my Bro and I bashing them out it’s real quick and natural to do another take, so we didn’t find this a problem at all retaking 3 out of 4 songs, and I’m pleased to report that after some fantastic progress over the last few weeks, the 4 songs basically need a couple of solos, piano / keys, and vocals and they’re a done deal!!

Might be some vids popping up from these sessions during the week and I’ve just uploaded a few pics to all the sites.

THE FECKERS – The cat is now officially out of the bag that joining us on drums for The Feckers album is none other than Mr Dennis Leeflang who currently plays for Bumblefoot and Lita Ford, as well as running a fantastic studio out of New York where he’s now based.

If you haven’t heard of this guy, go right away to http://www.dennisleeflang.com/

As for the album itself, we’re 7 tracks or so into the drums, with various other bits for pretty much all the tracks including vocals and guitars. Coming along fantastically!!

I’m going to be engineering some guitar parts for the album now and doing a lot more of the behind the scenes hands on stuff which is going to be keeping me even more busy on this stuff.

We still have some guests to confirm, but the stuff is turning out killer!!! We’ll have a website that you can keep an eye on in the future!!

GROUPIE CHRIS!! – Got to meet a couple of musical heroes of mine recently – Marty Friedman (ex Megadeth) and Devin Townsend (solo, Strapping Young Lad).


Quite an inspiring time!!!