The Feckers “It’d Be Rude Not To” out next week!!

CS_IBRNTHey all – look what just turned up on my doorstep!!!

To everyone that has pre-ordered already, THANK YOU and I hope you’re enjoying “Music Keeps Me Sane” for now!! Your hard copies will start shipping on Tuesday March 12th due to me flying to NZ straight after work tomorrow and Monday being a holiday here, which makes 12.3.13 the release day for our album “It’d Be Rude Not To”!!!

It wouldn’t be an album release without something going wrong, so in between work and international flights, I’ll be chasing up the posters as they didn’t arrive with the CD’s!! Rest assured they’re still happening though and if you’re ordered one, it’s absolutely coming!!

Haven’t pre-ordered yet but think you might like to? Fret not – there is still time, and to say “THANKS”, everyone that does so will score a copy of our as yet unreleased single “Music Keeps Me Sane”. Visit our STORE PAGE to do that!!

The Feckers – “It’d Be Rude Not To” – Album Preview Clips and Pre-Orders!!!

It gives me great pleasure to make this post today. The album goes into manufacturing on the 21st, and from there it will have a 7 – 10 day turnaround while they do their thing! Over this time you can pre-order, and as a thank you for doing that, we’ll give you a copy of our fourth single to be released, “Music Keeps Me Sane” before it’s released to iTunes and the like a bit later on.

Haven’t heard the preview clips yet? Check em out below!

50c albums????

As most folks would know, there’s going to be a new album coming very very soon by The Feckers – it’s just had the mixing wrapped up, so we’ll be mastering it now before it goes off to the printers. This means it’ll be here real soon and guess what? I think I’ll need the cupboard space when those copies arrive!! So here’s how you can help me out……

For a very limited time, I’ll be selling copies of my first album “Pieces of Eternity” for 50 cents. That isn’t a typo, and it doesn’t mean I don’t totally believe in the music, or that I’m retiring to start a new career to be a pole dancer or anything like that. It just means that I want ya to take em!!! Go on – take em!!!

When you pay the 50 cents, you’ll also get an instant download of the album to tide you over while the physical CD is being shipped out (this generally happens within a day of ordering). Any questions, email me, but other than that, please visit the new Bandcamp Store and go nuts!!!

Meet the newest addition to the family (as well as some news)!!

Finally got that 12 string we were looking for!!

Recently we were working behind the scenes on a forthcoming single by The Feckers called “Far From Done”, and I could hear a string on the song – something I didn’t have!!

So after lots of asking around and suprisingly very few guitarists actually having one, it was time to add to the family so to speak!!

Will be recording the tracks over the week so we can have the single out asap!!

Speaking of The Feckers, there was a little album we’ve been working on for a while that you may have heard me mention called “It’d Be Rude Not To”? ….. Well it’s extremely close to being a done deal. Will be going to Red Planet very early August to make 3 tiny little changes to mixes and then we’re mastering. Will be posting some release info for this thing really soon, so stay with us ok?

Much thanks as always!!! After that wraps up, I’ll be busting out a couple more songs with Skube that will be the final ones for my next album that was started just before things in Feckerville kicked into high gear in early 2010. Stay tuned for that also.

I’ll be doing the same thing in regards to singles with a steady flow of them that will come out via iTunes and also be available as full length videos on Youtube before the eventual release of that next CS Solo album. As it stands now there is a good half an hour of music complete, drums down on 4 more, with two more to come. Looking forward to it coming “to be” 😛

Thanks friends!!!!! RIP Jon Lord!!!! 🙁

Debut Feckers Single Released!!!!

By the way guys, have you heard the DEBUT SINGLE from our wee little band called The Feckers????

It came out on January 25th, and the plan is that we’ll be putting out a few of these “extra tracks” we ended up with after finishing recording for the “It’d Be Rude Not To” album towards the end of 2011, just to tide over you guys out there waiting for it’s release!!

Here’s a sample video:

And you can purchase the track here and here!!!

Update – May 22, 2011!!!

WOW!! – we’re all still here and the world didn’t end after all!!!! Aren’t we lucky!!!! :P

Anyway, just a quick note here to let you all know that heaps is on the go, and I’m having such a great time putting everything together!!!


Sessions to resume this coming weekend, and I’m super pumped!!! This will be one of the last sessions for the album. Finishing up bits and pieces. Since I last updated, there has been another Aussie visit by Mr Richard MacGyver Anderson, and we took care of heaps of stuff for the album – vocals, backing vocals, guitars etc, and Dennis also finished his last drum track over the past handful of weeks.

Being the professional he is, he would always give us the option of having him redo parts of the songs if need be, but we never needed to take him up on it ever over 15 drums tracks or something!!! What a guy, delivering such quality in such prompt fashion, and with a great attitude and some comedy thrown in as well. What more could we ask for.

Recently while doing the guitars, I also got to try and keep up with one of my musical hero’s (to be revealed shortly) on a Feckers song, who was kind enough to supply some amazing guitar for one of the heavier tracks on the album. To say it was an honour is the hugest understatement, and I’ll certainly be forever grateful to this gentleman for getting the opportunity at all. Hopefully I don’t suck too much next to his godliness on the instrument!!

On another note, we recently shot a heap of footage here in Werribee for some future Feckers videos. Would love to know what some of the locals thought of us when driving by and seeing some of the antics. We had a bigtime blast doing this, and I’ve came up with a rough version of the first video. We’ll be adding to it over the next little bit while the music is finished off, and unleashing it upon ya’s asap!!!


Had an acoustic session with Open Plan Studio recently that went fantastic. There is an EP worth of songs that I had started in 09 at Reich Records that got left behind as The Feckers and everything else took off, that I always said I’d get back to when the time came. I did some vocals on two tracks, and also twelve string guitar which went great. Will be doing more stuff there in early June.

Will also be finalising demos for the remaining songs on album #2 over the next couple of weeks and hopefully busting them out before the years end. This really depends on everything else running smoothly in the meantime, but fingers crossed!!


Check out my Youtube Channel for a bunch of stuff, including a new video that has a heap of teaser clips from stuff I’ve mentioned above!!! There’s also a live version of “October 22” from the recent 303 gig in Northcote up there among other things.

Make sure ya add me there too so we can keep in touch!!!

Cheers guys and talk soon!!!!!!!!

Update February 09, 2011!!!

Welcome to the year of the Fecker!!!! I apologise for the lack of updating here, but there has absolutely been a lot going on!!!! I’m real excited that it’s now 2011, the year that so much of this stuff we’ve been working on will finally see the light of day!!!


Gonna be playing an acoustic set at 303 in Northcote on Sunday, February 27th. There may very well be a song from the forthcoming Feckers album in my set for that day. You’ll have to wait and see!!

Check out the Facebook event for the show here:

Also earlier in that week, on Wednesday February 23rd, I’ll be special guest on Radio Roarhouse, which is aired on 98.9 Northwest FM here in Victoria. Will be talking with the folks there, playing a few songs live, and possibly spinning some tracks from “Pieces” as well.

On another note, I recently added custom guitar picks to the CS-Songs Online Store!!! Check em out below:

POE Pick Name Pick


Sooooooooo much stuff going on here. Talking a lot with Richard about setting up some cool merch ideas and more when the album drops.

Onto the music itself, we’ve had so many amazing performances from folks around the globe. It’s really hard to list every single little thing, but at the time of writing, we have one more song to go drum wise, and I’ll be going into Red Planet in a week and a bit to add lotsa guitars and bits and pieces. We’re really on track for the planned release of mid to late 2011 for this baby!

For more info, check out


I’ll be meeting up with Jeff Lethborg tomorrow and hopefully we can get his system up and running, then it’s full steam ahead for the 3rd album!!! Some awesome songs underway for this already!!!!


Check out my Youtube Channel for some fun stuff recently, like the first time in 5 years that I got to jam with Skube and Colski plugged in on some metal!! Great fun!!!

That’s it for now folks. Stay tuned for lots of awesome things to come in the following months. This year is gonna be a big one!!!

Update – October 7, 2010!!!



This was something that had been talked about since the late 90’s when we first started writing songs together through this at the time fairly unknown thing called the internet. Living in different countries wasn’t something we were about to let stop us I can assure you. But anyway, what I’m referring to is the meeting of my good mate, Richard Anderson, which happened this past week in Melbourne, Australia.

Had a great time hanging for a week and a half with Richard, writing songs, recording, playing live (!), meeting legendary eccentric tram drivers, eating awesome rissoles and mash pub grub, drinking Fat Yaks and Egg Flips, attending Neighbours night, and even going interstate for some more recording in Hobart.

I’m still totally wrecked and catching up on sleep – I think at rough count I was missing around 14 or 15 hours of sleep from the last weekend compared to usual, but it’s all been totally worth it, and a great time that we’ll always remember!!

Hopefully I can return the gesture come 2011!!


Had an awesome session in Red Planet over the weekend where a number of tracks were tended to, and it’s sounding bloody unreal. We’ve also had some final keys and drum tracks come in over the last few weeks as well as another vocal from Mr Hurb Jephasun (

While at Red Planet, I did some acoustic and bass stuff, as well as hopefully not driving Stew too nuts with tracks I had brought down for various songs that needed to be flown into the projects.

Also of note, and it’s a pretty big “of note” is some more vocal stuff that Irene Slade laid down. She was under the weather a bit from a cold, and wasn’t totally confident the voice would hold up. Luckily for all, the song required a bit of grunt.

Stew has her do a sing along to the track to get some level, and before they start, Richard and I are in the control room and commenting that “she’ll probably nail it on this run through”, and sure enough, she TOTALLY did!!! When we heard it back, we just went “WOOOOOOOOOOOOW”!!!!!!!!!!! Great job Cuz!!!! \m/

On another note that is Fecker related, there was an inpromptu debut gig from The Feckers this past week also.

We were having dinner at the awesome Gypsy Bar in Fitzroy, where Richard’s cousin The Titman is the chef, and Richard was having me on that “you’re playing tonight” etc. Me being a pretty laid back guy, the last thing I wanna do is as they say in Australia “cut someone’s lunch”, so there was no way I was about to get in the face of the guy who was playing.

Anyway, my phone rings, I go outside, and Richard is already talking with the guy who was very cool might I add. When I come back in, it was all arranged much to my suprise, and the performance ended up being a Fecker one, debuting one of the songs from our forthcoming album that has some interesting lyrical content. Was funny to look out while playing it and see people eating dinner and laughing at the lyrics we weren’t sure we should even touch in that timeslot!!


Such fun. I busted out a solo song, and we did a blues jam, as well as a Queen song, which was real fitting being that we wouldn’t know each other if not for Queen. Cool!! :D


So among all the progress in other areas, I’m getting a clearer picture on how I want the next CS album to go, and for now, lets just say there will be a LOT of music, and it’s gonna have everything from metal to string accompanied acoustic stuff. I’m sure you’ll dig!!

So far there are 4 full band tracks ready to mix, and maybe 7 or 8 acoustic tracks that need vocals.


The lads have summoned me to play more of a role in proceedings this time round, and I’m willing and hopefully able haha!!! I know how prolific those dudes are, so am hoping I can keep up!!

While Richard was here, we worked on some backup vocals for a new songs that Rob Smith had penned this past week. Sounding real killer.

Breakfree Recording

Kedi and Chris

Check the Facebook page for more info:

















Update – August 27,2010!!!


After a couple of technical glitches holding it back a little bit, the album has finally got it’s digital release and will be popping up on more and more digital download sites over the coming weeks!!

I did a promo video to celebrate the release which you can find here, and you can purchase the album via CD Baby, Amazon, Great, Good, and, with more to come soon!!

Also for you old schoolers, you can still pick up a physical CD version (what are they? :P ) from the store here at!!


We’re kicking arse!!! More great performances from Dennis, Roy, Rob, Paul and even my cousin Irene Slade. Not to mention a cameo appearance from Mrs Jennifer Leeflang too which was fantastic!!!

Feel free to sign up to our Facebook Page, and suggest to your friends!!

To get a little sneak peak of what this thing is going to sound like, check out this video of me doing guitars on an as yet unreleased track from the album!!

The plan at this stage is that one or two singles may come out before the album which would be accompanied by a video ideally. Given the locales of all the contributors to this album, this may be ambitious, but definitely something that we wanna do as well!! Stay tuned!!