Some new live appearances and more!!

Hey friends, hope all is well out there!!?

As of today, Mr Rob Lundgren sang his final stuff for the next album and it’s sounding killer!! Now we’re at the stage of Skube and myself adding / tweaking guitar bits before mixing and mastering gets underway. Too early to say when this baby might be released, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted!!

I’ll be playing live acoustic at The Eltham Hotel, here in Melbourne on May 27 at 8pm!! Click here for directions and note that there is very likely to be more events happening that same week.

Also, I was recently asked by my mate Dan Verkys, the fantastic fellow that does the artwork on music releases for me if I’d like to play some tunes at his forthcoming exhibition called Chaos Dreaming, which is running at the Mad Gallery from August 16 – September 16. You should definitely make sure you get along to this if you’re in Victoria over that time. This man is an amazing talent!!!! Click here to RSVP via the Facebook event!

Promo poster and video below:


Upcoming Live Appearance!! (Updated March 10th, 2014)

If you’re in Melbourne this coming Saturday night, I’ll be playing at Edwards Place in Reservoir with the mighty Irene Slade doing a few Feckers tunes and a few covers. As always, I’ll have CD’s with me for discounted rates.

See you there! 😀

Acoustic duo set with Irene Slade on vocals!!


From last nights gig at Edwards Place….

Edwards_Place_Oct_2013Had a great time last night for my first solo gig in a while at Edwards Place in Reservoir, in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. I do wonder if I jinxed it by making a few too many “Northern Suburbs Jokes” in regards to a lot of crime happening in the area in recent years though as a rock broke the window of the train I rode to get there last night!!! That shit sure wakes you up!!

Setlist was a mixture of solo and Feckers songs, and looked like this:

Here is some video of me singing “Slackers and Wankers” – funny how well this one always goes down as it’s the one with the most swearing in it!!


“TPCM” – Out tomorrow!!

TPCM - resizeMy next single, “TPCM” (short for This Poisonous Corporate Machine) will be hitting digital outlets tomorrow being July the 16th in Australia!!!

Despite the artwork possibly giving the vibe of a heavy track ( ? ), the single is actually another acoustic number, with the dark vibe of the cover very much intentional as the lyrics come from that kind of place.

I’m totally stoked with what Dan Verkys came up with from my rambling that I call a concept, and would definitely rate this cover as one of my all time favourites by him!!

Will have a video hitting my youtube channel tomorrow night as per usual with this set of songs. Stay tuned!!

“Ours” live video!!

Just found this early performance of the Feckers song “Ours”, which appears on our just released album “It’d Be Rude Not To”. This vid is from a solo gig I did at 303 in Northcote, in Feb 2011, and was the 2nd time ever the song was performed!! Hope you enjoy!!

Update – May 22, 2011!!!

WOW!! – we’re all still here and the world didn’t end after all!!!! Aren’t we lucky!!!! :P

Anyway, just a quick note here to let you all know that heaps is on the go, and I’m having such a great time putting everything together!!!


Sessions to resume this coming weekend, and I’m super pumped!!! This will be one of the last sessions for the album. Finishing up bits and pieces. Since I last updated, there has been another Aussie visit by Mr Richard MacGyver Anderson, and we took care of heaps of stuff for the album – vocals, backing vocals, guitars etc, and Dennis also finished his last drum track over the past handful of weeks.

Being the professional he is, he would always give us the option of having him redo parts of the songs if need be, but we never needed to take him up on it ever over 15 drums tracks or something!!! What a guy, delivering such quality in such prompt fashion, and with a great attitude and some comedy thrown in as well. What more could we ask for.

Recently while doing the guitars, I also got to try and keep up with one of my musical hero’s (to be revealed shortly) on a Feckers song, who was kind enough to supply some amazing guitar for one of the heavier tracks on the album. To say it was an honour is the hugest understatement, and I’ll certainly be forever grateful to this gentleman for getting the opportunity at all. Hopefully I don’t suck too much next to his godliness on the instrument!!

On another note, we recently shot a heap of footage here in Werribee for some future Feckers videos. Would love to know what some of the locals thought of us when driving by and seeing some of the antics. We had a bigtime blast doing this, and I’ve came up with a rough version of the first video. We’ll be adding to it over the next little bit while the music is finished off, and unleashing it upon ya’s asap!!!


Had an acoustic session with Open Plan Studio recently that went fantastic. There is an EP worth of songs that I had started in 09 at Reich Records that got left behind as The Feckers and everything else took off, that I always said I’d get back to when the time came. I did some vocals on two tracks, and also twelve string guitar which went great. Will be doing more stuff there in early June.

Will also be finalising demos for the remaining songs on album #2 over the next couple of weeks and hopefully busting them out before the years end. This really depends on everything else running smoothly in the meantime, but fingers crossed!!


Check out my Youtube Channel for a bunch of stuff, including a new video that has a heap of teaser clips from stuff I’ve mentioned above!!! There’s also a live version of “October 22” from the recent 303 gig in Northcote up there among other things.

Make sure ya add me there too so we can keep in touch!!!

Cheers guys and talk soon!!!!!!!!