Update – August 27,2010!!!


After a couple of technical glitches holding it back a little bit, the album has finally got it’s digital release and will be popping up on more and more digital download sites over the coming weeks!!

I did a promo video to celebrate the release which you can find here, and you can purchase the album via CD Baby, Amazon, Great Indie.com, Good Noise.com, and Emusic.com, with more to come soon!!

Also for you old schoolers, you can still pick up a physical CD version (what are they? :P ) from the store here at CS-Songs.com!!


We’re kicking arse!!! More great performances from Dennis, Roy, Rob, Paul and even my cousin Irene Slade. Not to mention a cameo appearance from Mrs Jennifer Leeflang too which was fantastic!!!

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To get a little sneak peak of what this thing is going to sound like, check out this video of me doing guitars on an as yet unreleased track from the album!!

The plan at this stage is that one or two singles may come out before the album which would be accompanied by a video ideally. Given the locales of all the contributors to this album, this may be ambitious, but definitely something that we wanna do as well!! Stay tuned!!